“Like many Canadians, Carla Holub has gladly given up commuting for the ease and comfort of working from home.

The 41-year-old WestJet sales agent says she has no regrets since she made the change three years ago to work from home. Telecommuting affords her the time to take her children to dance lessons and hockey while reducing her lunch, coffee, gas and car insurance costs, she says.”

As the world continues to change, and the ways in which business uses technology change, it stands to reason that the way employees will interact with that business will change, or even the way that business owners will run their business. Owning your own business doesn’t mean a hands-on, on-site commitment in the way that it used to. With so many ways to run a business, and to connect with customers and employees, owning a business has never been a more realistic idea, and BC Business Broker is a great place to start.

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