“Amazon founder Jeff Bezos says when it comes to technology, “We’re on the edge of the golden era.”

Bezos offered a glimpse of his vision of the future during an interview Tuesday at the Code Conference in Southern California.

Of artificial intelligence, Bezos says, “It’s probably hard to overstate how big of an impact it’s going to have on society over the next 20 years.” Bezos says Amazon has 1,000 people working on its Alexa platform, which powers the company’s popular voice-controlled Echo device.”

Technology can’t seem to be stopped, and it’s likely that these innovations, and the countless others that are coming will inevitably begin to change the way we do business. With so much change, and more to come, it is absolutely an exciting time to start your own business, to revamp your current business, or perhaps pass the torch on to someone new. No matter what you choose to do, it’s sure to be an exciting time to run your own business.

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