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Sold! Wolf Brewing fans become owners

When Rob Regner moved to Nanaimo with his wife Jody 18 months ago, the first local product he put in his Kegerator was from Nanaimo’s Wolf Brewing Company. Once the couple discovered the Victoria Road craft brewery, Rob quickly became a fan.

Now, he’s an owner. The Regners and long-time friends Darcy Stephenson and Tim Lotzien took possession of the brewery February 1.

“It had everything in place,” Regner said. “Great products, great assets, great people.” There is Kev Ward who is a world-class brew master, a unique line of excellent craft brews, brand loyalty among beer aficionados, an exceptional and hospitable inside sales/hosting team, and an enthusiastic outside sales team.

The new owners of Wolf Brewing are shown with with Michael of BC Brokers. In the photo are (top row, left to right)Tim Lotzien, Michael Naprawa of BC Brokers, and Rob Regner (second row, left to right) Darcy Stephenson and Jody Regner.

The team plans to build brand recognition and loyalty; expand the current tasting room to a 60 seat lounge using a current lounge endorsement; and increase product distribution through pubs, restaurants, and BC Liquor Authority outlets.

Tim Lotzien and Darcy Stephenson are already successful entrepreneurs. Rob Regner was seeking a successful local business. The more the group learned about the business, the more they recognized Wolf Brewing was the right fit.

“It certainly helped that it was a brewery,” Rob quipped, noting that he appreciates the art of craft brewing.

Jody Regner will be the on-site manager, ready to greet guests who come to the tasting room and the soon-to-be expanded lounge. She has already mastered the taps, deftly finishing each glass with the right frothy head.

Michael Naprawa of Nanaimo’s BC Business Brokers handled the promotion and sale of the brewery. The group worked with Naprawa for six months while researching the business and finalizing the purchase.

“He’s very transparent and was always seeking to be fair to all parties,” Regner. “I appreciated that honesty.”

If you are interested in exploring business opportunities or are contemplating the sale of your business, call toll free 1-877-289-0969

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